The U.S. Congress has launched another investigation against Trump

12 months ago

Democrats in the U.S. Congress have launched an investigation against United States President Donald Trump over the dismissal of a State Department official who was investigating the activities of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Democrats have begun investigating President Donald Trump’s dismissal of a State Department official. Inspector General Steve Linick was investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on suspicion of abuse of office,” the report said.

It is noted that he was dismissed on Friday. The move drew angry criticism from senior Democrats in Congress.

They accused Trump of taking revenge against public officials who wanted to hold his administration accountable.

The former prosecutor was appointed Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, to monitor costs and identify mismanagement in the state department.

On Saturday, Democrats in the House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committees questioned Linick’s timing for his resignation and announced an immediate investigation.

They said that Linique had “opened an investigation into the misconduct of Secretary Pompeo himself”, adding that his dismissal was “designed to protect Secretary Pompeo from personal liability”.

Lynic opened an investigation into allegations that Pompeo had misused staff for personal assignments.

Recall that on February 5, the Senate, in which the Republicans have a majority, acquitted the U.S. president under the impeachment procedure.

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