The U.S. decided to save the planet by selling expensive eggs

2 weeks ago

In the U.S., they have started selling eggs produced according to the principles of regenerative farming, and the price of the new product is eight times higher than the price of a standard package.

Regenerative farming allows greenhouse gases to be locked up in the soil: when sold, it can be argued that producing eggs under such conditions helps fight climate change. The product has already appeared on U.S. store shelves at eight dollars a dozen, while regular eggs can still be found for less than a dollar.

The U.S. decided to save the planet by selling expensive eggs

Over the past decade, producers have already managed to convince consumers to overpay four times for so-called organic eggs and seven times for eggs from hens that have been raised under more favorable conditions, Bloomberg notes.

Industry representatives stressed that those consumers who are already willing to pay for products labeled “free-range chickens” and “GMO-free” will also support the idea of producing eggs that help take care of the environment. Surveys show that the younger generation is concerned about climate change, and the success of so-called plant-based meat may indicate their desire to protect the environment.

Studies already suggest that by 2035 one-tenth of meat, eggs, dairy products and seafood will be made from alternative proteins.

In Russia, egg producers, in turn, complained about the problem with the “critical reduction” of purchasing prices for their goods, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade suggested that retailers raise prices to avoid shortages.