11 months ago

The U.S. does not provide for the restoration of travel from Europe in the near future

11 months ago

The United States has yet to complete President Trump’s ban on foreigners visiting the Schengen because of the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March.

This was stated by White House spokesman Kaylie McEnani during the briefing, according to “European Truth,” citing the press service of the U.S. President.

“We don’t have a schedule on this yet. The main concern of the president is to protect the Americans. His travel restrictions saved lives,” said Kaylie McEnani.

“Thus, we have no statements about when we will be ready to resume travel. But his (President Trump’s – Ed.) priority, his number one question is America, the health and welfare of the nation,” Makenani added.

Announcing an entry ban on Schengen travelers in mid-March, Trump said it would be in effect for 30 days. Subsequently, the ban has expanded to include travelers from Britain and Ireland.

In mid-April Trump announced that the ban would remain in force until the situation in Europe, which was severely affected by the coronavirus, improves.

The exceptions are Americans, some diplomats and Europeans who have long-term work permits in the United States – they are allowed to enter.

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