The U.S. elections were voted “safest” in history.

The American authorities claim that all allegations of election fraud are absolutely groundless.

The U.S. presidential election held on November 3 was considered “the safest” in the history of the country. This was stated by the Agency for Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security under the Ministry of Homeland Security (CISA) and the Government Coordinating Council for Electoral Infrastructure (GCC), writes

U.S. officials said there was no information that any votes were erased, lost or somehow compromised.

Earlier, a Pennsylvania court had satisfied a lawsuit filed by U.S. President Donald Trump’s headquarters for the legitimacy of mail-order votes in a presidential election. Trump’s office insisted that Secretary of State Katie Bukwar was not allowed to extend the deadline for authenticating mailed ballots from six days after the election to nine. The court ruled that the secretary of state did not have such authority, and that some of the ballots had been rejected.

On November 10, U.S. Attorney General William Barr ordered an investigation into reports of election fraud. The United States must resolve all procedures, including the recount and judicial disputes over the results, by December 8. Members of the electoral college will summarize the results during a meeting on December 14.

Biden proclaimed himself elected president of the United States on November 7 – according to various calculations, he received from 273 to 290 votes of electors with the necessary 270. Trump responded by noting that his opponent had hurried to call himself the new president.