The U.S. firmly opposes the construction of Nord Stream 2

The U.S. firmly opposes the construction of Nord Stream 2

The White House called the pipeline a “bad deal.”

President Biden believes that Nord Stream 2 is a bad deal. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said this during a briefing.

“It’s a bad deal because it divides Europe, it exposes Ukraine and Central Europe to Russian manipulation and because it goes against Europe’s stated energy and security goals,” she stressed.

Last week, several Republican U.S. lawmakers criticized the administration for not providing, as required by Congress, a list of individuals and entities that should be subject to existing sanctions.

“We continue to monitor activities to complete or certify the pipeline, and if such activities occur, we will make a determination as to whether sanctions are necessary,” Jen Paskey said. “They are just one of many important tools to ensure energy security. So we will also work with our allies and partners to strengthen European energy security.”

For its part, the State Department said the U.S. continues to investigate firms that are involved in building the pipeline to circumvent sanctions.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said the report, provided by the U.S. foreign ministry at the request of Congress, includes a list of more than 15 organizations that have made efforts to curtail activities related to the construction of Nord Stream 2. This, he said, means that the companies in question are not subject to sanctions.