The U.S. has developed a mint for restoring tooth enamel

2 weeks ago

Scientists from Washington University in the USA have developed mints, which help to restore damaged teeth enamel.

To create useful sweets, specialists used modified protein, which can build new layers of enamel on the surface of teeth. In addition, phosphorus and calcium ions, which serve as building material for enamel, have been added to the candy.

The U.S. has developed a mint for restoring tooth enamel

Experts have already verified the experiment by testing the effectiveness of the lozenges on live rodents and teeth extracted from humans, pigs and rats. The observation showed that the consumption of one candy a day can maintain a strong state of enamel, and two – to restore the surface of the tooth by several microns. In addition, the candy has a whitening effect, so the new enamel will be bright. Now scientists are preparing to test their development in clinical trials, which will last no more than three months.

Earlier, the dentist warned against dangerous brushing teeth after eating. According to the doctor, you should not perform this procedure after every meal. By pushing the toothbrush too hard, it is easy to damage the enamel, which will cause further destruction.