The U.S. has found a way to influence the construction of Nord Stream 2

The U.S. has found a way to influence the construction of Nord Stream 2

The U.S. will find a solution to sanctions against Russia’s Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline after its construction is completed. This was announced by a representative of the State Department, Ned Price.

He said that the imposition of sanctions is only one of the ways to influence the situation around the construction of the pipeline. Price said that the U.S. could discuss the pipeline with its allies and partners and convince them that Nord Stream 2 was an unprofitable project.

The State Department spokesman said that the U.S. administration will monitor the construction and certification process and decide whether sanctions are necessary. Price reminded that the US administration does not consider “Nord Stream-2” a profitable project for Europe. In addition, according to the State Department, this pipeline would be a blow to Ukraine.

Earlier, it was reported that the new U.S. leadership intends to resolve the crisis around the Nord Stream-2 pipeline and hinted at the possibility of partially lifting sanctions. It was reported that Washington is waiting for specific proposals from Germany. At the same time, preserving transit through Ukraine and weakening Europe’s dependence on Russian gas remains a priority for the new administration.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea was supposed to be commissioned back in late 2019. However, its completion was hindered, in particular, by the threat of U.S. sanctions, which caused European companies to withdraw from the project.