The U.S. has increased the F-35 grouping near Russia’s borders

The U.S. has increased the F-35 grouping near Russia's borders

The US Air Force has increased to 20 units the grouping of multirole fifth generation fighters F-35A Lightning II, deployed at the Ailson Air Force Base in Alaska.

Kaylee Dubois, a spokeswoman for the airbase, told reporters that the last fighters arrived a few days ago. A new group of aircraft will arrive in April 2021.

“We continue to build up our lineup. By the end of 2021, we will have all 54 fighters at the base,” she added.

Once all 54 F-35A Lightning II fighters are deployed to the airbase, each of the two squadrons – the 336th and 335th – will have 27 aircraft.

Eilson air base is located at a distance of about thousand kilometers from the Russian border. The group of F-35As stationed there is being created in addition to 40 fifth generation fighters of another type – the F-22A Raptor. Their deployment site is another airbase in Alaska, Elmendorf-Richardson.