The U.S. has overtaken Israel in creating laser weapons

1 year ago

The new laser weapon has the ability to destroy air targets.

The U.S. military successfully tested a new powerful laser weapon in the Pacific Ocean, which has the ability to destroy air targets. This was reported by CNN TV channel with reference to the press service of the U.S. Pacific Fleet Command.

According to media reports, the high-energy laser gun LWSD MK 2 MOD, which destroyed the drone during the test, was installed on the deck of the USS “Portland”.

“By conducting advanced sea trials against unmanned aerial vehicles and small vessels, we will gain valuable information about the capabilities of the new system,” said USS Capt.

The tactical and technical data of this weapon is not disclosed. Earlier, the U.S. media, citing military sources, wrote that the Pentagon is finalizing the development of a combat laser with a radiating power of 150 kilowatts.

The US Navy has been working on laser and directional energy weapons since the 1960s.

It should be noted that Israel is also actively working on creating laser weapons. In January it was reported that in mid-summer of this year the first tests of the laser cannon of multi-purpose Israeli development are planned.

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