The U.S. is investigating information about a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant

The Government of the United States is studying the information about the leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant.

Earlier, the French engineering and construction company Framatome sent a letter to the US Department of Energy warning that the accident at the Chinese Taishan nuclear power plant in Guangdong province could lead to a “radiological threat”.

It is specified that gas is leaking from the nuclear reactor. According to the channel’s interlocutor, Joe Biden’s administration does not yet believe that the level of radiation at the nuclear power plant has reached critical levels. The National Security Council held several meetings last week about the situation in China. The U.S. contacted the French and Chinese governments to discuss the leak. However, the outcome of the talks is not yet known.

Retired Los Alamos National Laboratory nuclear scientist Cheryl Rofer told CNN that the letter from the French company “was not surprising” because “there is nothing unusual about it.”

Rofer warned that some of the fuel cells at the PRC station could be damaged, which “would be a bigger problem.” Chinese officials did not respond to reporters’ requests for comment.