The U.S. named China’s most important achievements in space

China’s inhabited multi-modular space station resembles the Soviet-Russian Mir and American Skylab in terms of the volume of internal living space.

The American publication reminds that the development of Chinese manned space technology is taking place against the background of the obsolescence of the International Space Station and Beijing’s active mastery of space.

Among the most important achievements of China in astronautics recently The Drive calls in particular the delivery of lunar soil samples to Earth, the active rover and the launch of an analog of the American mini-shuttle X-37B.

The U.S. named China's most important achievements in space

The publication notes that at present Beijing is actively developing cooperation with Russia in the field of astronautics.

It is noted that a number of space technologies developed by China may have a dual purpose, thus posing a threat to the US.

In June, the Chinese rocket Long March 2F with a manned spacecraft Shenzhou 12, which was carrying three Taikonauts, was launched to the orbital station Tiangong under construction.