The U.S. named the top 5 most dangerous ships of the Russian Navy

The U.S. named the top 5 most dangerous ships of the Russian Navy

He named the five most dangerous ships of the Russian Navy, which “cannot be underestimated” because “they have serious firepower”.

The first in the list is a heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” of project 1144 “Orlan”, “which is the largest surface fighting ship in the world”. The main purpose of such heavy missile cruisers “is to pursue and neutralize US aircraft carriers”. This is what the American magazine The National Interest writes about.

The second “dangerous ship” is the rocket cruiser “Moscow” of 1164 project “Atlant”, which, like “Peter the Great”, is designed as an “aircraft carrier killer” but with a great emphasis on economy.

The third ship in the list was the Guards Corvette “Savvy” of the project 20380, which is equipped with the system “Packet-E/NK”, which “has no analogues in the world in the sense that allows you to start” from the same unit small thermal torpedo (MTT) and jet anti-torpedo M-15.

The fourth in the list is the Nastochivy destroyer squadron of project 956-A “Sarych”, armed with “formidable” supersonic low-altitude anti-ship cruise missiles P-270 “Moskit”.

The only Russian aircraft carrier under repair, the Admiral Kuznetsov of the project 1143.5, closes the top 5, which “remains a serious threat to the Kremlin’s competitors as it gives Russia much more opportunities to project its aircraft around the world.