The U.S. said it was ready to discuss an agreement with Russia on incidents at sea

2 weeks ago

Admiral Michael Gilday, Chief of Staff of the US Navy, announced the readiness to discuss with Russia the improvement of the Agreement on Prevention of Incidents at Sea and in the Air Space above It (INCSEA).

“Regarding INCSEA, I’m always thinking about how we can do better. So if the Russians have a similar view, I’m open to discussions,” Gilday said.

The military serviceman reminded that planned Russian-American consultations would take place this year and would deal with the implementation of the agreements. He allowed that the prospect of modernizing the agreement could be among the issues of the meeting. “I think we should be transparent and open in any way that allows us to strengthen maritime security, to avoid any kind of incident that could harm seafarers from both countries,” he concluded.

Agreements to prevent incidents on the high seas were concluded by Moscow and Washington in 1972.

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