The U.S. showed the use of the “killer” Russian S-400 on the “occupied” island

The US Army has demonstrated a possible scenario of using the Precision Strike Missile (PrSM), called the “killer” of Russian air defense systems (air defense systems), such as the S-400 “Triumf”.

The edited video shows a C-130 Hercules military transport plane landing on an airstrip on an island in the Pacific Ocean, delivering an Autonomous Multidomain Launcher (AML). At the same time, another aircraft leaves the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) installation. The systems are deployed at strategic points on the island. The AML allows for autonomous launching of anti-ship PrSMs. HIMARS engages extended-range PrSMs designed to destroy an air defense system “located on an enemy-occupied island.

The U.S. showed the use of the "killer" Russian S-400 on the "occupied" island

After the enemy ships and air defense systems are destroyed, AML and HIMARS are loaded back into the aircraft, and the remaining enemy targets are targeted by American fighters.

The paper writes that this scenario has been tested in the Indo-Pacific theater of military operations.

In May, the Defense News daily, referring to the Lockheed Martin company, reported that during tests the PrSM missile flew more than 400 kilometers, breaking its own range record.

Breaking Defense reported in April that the US Army is studying the possibility of increasing the range of the PrSM to 1600 kilometers.

The PrSM is due to enter service with the US Army in 2023.