11 months ago

The U.S. suspected China of tracking Americans in Africa

11 months ago

The U.S. suggests that China is keeping an eye on Americans and Africans in Africa through government buildings and other resources built or renovated by Chinese companies, according to a report by the American Heritage Foundation for Policy Studies.

According to the report, Chinese companies have built at least 186 government buildings in Africa, established at least 14 intra-government communication networks, and provided computers and office equipment to 35 African states. The report suggests that all these resources are used for espionage.

“Beijing is almost certainly using its involvement in Africa to track American and African figures and leading entrepreneurs,” the foundation’s report says.

The U.S. fears that such actions of China may strengthen Beijing’s influence on the continent and give access to information about U.S. counter-terrorism operations, military exercises and diplomatic strategy. The Americans are also afraid that China will be able to recruit intelligence sources in African governments and will interfere with American companies fighting for economic opportunities on the African continent.
According to the foundation’s report, the Chinese built the most government buildings in Namibia, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Uganda.

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