The U.S. was horrified by Russian apocalyptic weapons

3 weeks ago

Russia is still testing its terrifying “Poseidon” apocalypse torpedo, says the American magazine Popular Mechanics.

The publication notes that the country is continuing work this year on the weapon, which, “with an almost unlimited range, will rapidly approach targets on the U.S. coast, where it will detonate a two-megaton warhead.”

According to the magazine, the Poseidon, which can travel oceanic distances, will receive a thermonuclear warhead designed to create a powerful tsunami that destroys coastal cities.

The publication notes that critics have repeatedly ridiculed the Russian nuclear torpedo, but “it is now clear that Russia is serious about this apocalyptic weapon.” “But will the country eventually build the 30 torpedoes and four submarines needed to carry them? That’s a good question,” the magazine wrote.

In March, the British magazine Navy Lookout showed a possible image of the Russian Project 09852 K-329 Belgorod nuclear-powered submarine (NPS) with a Project 10831 AS-31 Losharik nuclear deep-sea station (DSS).

In the same month, Zvezda wrote that Russia’s advanced nuclear-powered submarine Poseidon is the world’s deadliest torpedo.