The U.S. will fight ransomware viruses in a new way

Jake Sullivan, the U.S. president’s national security adviser, said the U.S. administration will take certain steps against cyber attacks involving ransomware viruses.

“Later this week, we intend to announce new steps against ransomware,” Sullivan said, adding that next week will announce further steps the U.S. will take to increase resilience in cyberspace.

The U.S. will take action against hackers on Russian soil if Moscow does not. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced this at a conference in Washington on emerging technologies and security issues.

“In our engagement with Russia, our message is clear: Countries harboring cyber criminals have a responsibility to take action. If they don’t, we will,” he said.

Blinken accused Russia and China of misusing technology and engaging in technological authoritarianism.

The U.S. will fight ransomware viruses in a new way

“The challenge for the U.S. is to offer an undeniable perspective on how to use technology in the service of people, to protect our interests and to uphold our democratic values. It is not enough to talk about the horrors of technological authoritarianism in China and Russia,” said Blinken.

As an example of such “horrors,” the head of the State Department cited the IT sphere, in which Moscow and Beijing allegedly behave “improperly” and “dangerously.