The UK is going to beat Russia and China “at their own game”

The UK is going to beat Russia and China "at their own game"

The British are going to defeat Russia and China, defeating them “at their own game. This was stated by the head of the British General Staff, General Nick Carter, in an interview to The Times.

“To win, you have to beat them at their own game, which means beating them below the threshold of war,” Carter explained.

In particular, he called for a stronger cybersecurity effort. At the same time, according to the general, Britain should “soften its position in the air and sea space” and maintain a “less aggressive tone” in the information space.

In October, Carter said Moscow and Beijing were already waging a “political war” against the West to “break its will” through disinformation campaigns, cyberattacks and mass surveillance. At the time, the general also noted that London needed to fight “below the threshold of war” to prevent adversaries from achieving their goal, as had happened with the annexation of Crimea.

Later in November, Carter said that global political instability and economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic could lead to World War III.