The United States accused Russia of interfering in elections that have not yet taken place

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Russia of meddling in the pending presidential elections in 2020. She announced this at a meeting of the lower house of Congress.

“Russia is again interfering in our elections, intelligence told us about it. We must protect our security, our electoral system, we must give people the opportunity to vote the way they want, ”she said.

Pelosi added that the elections should be held without interference, regardless of their format. According to the speaker, the US authorities should provide an opportunity for both face-to-face and online voting.

On July 30, US President Donald Trump on his Twitter account proposed postponing the presidential elections scheduled for November this year. According to him, this should be done due to the coronavirus pandemic, in which conditions will have to resort to voting by mail, because of which it “will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent in history.” Then Trump disowned the idea. He explained that his words about the elections were misinterpreted.