The United States allocated about $ 1.5 billion to coronavirus

11 months ago

The US Audit Office found out that the US government has allocated at least $ 1.4 billion in aid to dead people in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. This was announced on June 25 by the department itself.

According to the Accounts Chamber, the US Treasury Department of Tax Administration’s general inspector said that on April 30 alone, more than a million payments worth $ 1.4 billion were transferred to the deceased. The Office proposed that the Tax Administration develop a scheme by which these payments can be returned, with which it agreed.

As specified in the Accounts Chamber, this may be due to the fact that the departments encountered difficulties in calculating payments. Because of this, the risk of fraud and error has increased. The agency notes that the Internal Revenue Service and the Ministry of Finance began to distribute cash assistance for a pandemic of $ 269 billion quickly.

In addition, the Accounts Chamber indicated a possible fraud with the salary protection program, for which $ 660 billion was allocated. The agency instructed the Small Business Administration to develop measures to stop money manipulation.

US authorities adopted a $ 2 trillion stimulus package at the end of March 2020. In particular, they included financial assistance to citizens who have already received 160 million benefits in the amount of $ 260 billion. Each adult citizen is entitled to a check for $ 1.2 thousand, and $ 500 is allocated to children.

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