The United States crossed the 4 millionth pandemic mark: 2 600 every hour

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus infection Covid-19 in the United States today, July 23, exceeded 4 million, while on average, more than 2 600 new cases of the disease are registered in the country every hour – the highest rate in the world, Reuters reports.

On January 21, the US authorities reported the first case of Covid-19 infection on their territory, and since then the number of infected has been growing rapidly. 98 days after the outbreak began, the number of cases in the country has reached 1 million. After 43 days, the army of cases increased to 2 million, and after another 27 days – to three million. After that, it took only 16 days for the figure to reach 4,000,000. At the same time, the number of infected, as shown by calculations by Reuters, increases on average by 44 per minute.

The federal government, state governors and city officials are struggling to agree on the best way to tackle the pandemic, leading to confusion over regulations regarding issues such as wearing masks in public and when businesses can resume operations.
Of the 20 countries with the largest Covid-19 outbreaks, the United States has the second highest number of infections per capita, with 120 cases per 10,000 people, behind only Chile.

As of the current hour, 4 million 102 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in the United States, 146 198 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 have died.

The world’s first economy is going through one of the worst periods in its history, the second wave of the pandemic is approaching the country and many states are forced to reintroduce strict quarantine regimes.