The United States demands from Turkey to pay a fine for the purchase of Russian S-400s – this is several billion

An innovation from the United States – for the purchase of Russian weapons, Washington will have to pay a fine.

The United States of America decided to come up with a new, in fact, incredible strategy to counter the purchase of Russian weapons. For the first time, the innovation affected Turkey – in addition to abandoning Russian complexes, it will have to pay a fine of several billion dollars for the damage caused to Washington.

“A NATO ally buying into Russia’s air defense system poses a threat to the United States and the NATO alliance. The administration should impose the sanctions required by law in response to Turkey’s acquisition of the S-400 until Turkey takes the steps outlined in that bill and pays for and remedies the damage caused by this purchase. I sincerely hope that Turkey will choose the United States and our NATO allies because of Russia, ”the American Congress said.

In fact, such behavior of Washington is truly wild, and Russia in the near future may lose all its key partners, since, in fact, there will be no one to sell weapons.

Earlier it became known that the United States nevertheless decided to impose sanctions against Turkey for the purchase of Russian S-400s.