The United States described a new principle of relations with China

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described a new principle of relationship with China. He stated this during his speech “Communist China and the Future of the Free World” in California, which was broadcast live on Fox News on YouTube.

Pompeo explained that the United States can no longer turn a blind eye to fundamental political and ideological differences between states. According to him, Washington will seek changes in the policy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) based not on the statements of the Chinese leaders, but on their actions.

“[Former] [US] President Ronald Reagan acted towards the USSR on a ‘trust but verify’ principle. In the case of the CCP, I would say that we should not trust and check, ”explained the US Secretary of State.

In early July, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi identified three ways to improve Sino-US relations. He urged to open all channels for dialogue, consider and agree on a plan of interaction and cooperate in the fight against COVID-19.

Relations between China and the United States have remained tense lately. The countries have been waging a so-called trade war for a long time. In addition, serious problems in the relationship arise due to disagreements over the coronavirus and Hong Kong. In particular, on July 8, Washington called the national security law that had come into force for the city an annexation. China calls what is happening as an internal affair. On July 22, the United States demanded that China close the Consulate General in Houston within 72 hours. Beijing is currently mulling an answer.