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The United States is about to create a new alliance to counter China

The United States is about to create a new alliance to counter China

The United States is proposing to oppose China with a new format alliance that includes like-minded states, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said during a speech at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in California.
According to Pompeo, China presents with its actions a challenge that the West has not “faced before.”

“In the UN, NATO, G7, G20, our economic, diplomatic and military power, if we use it correctly, is quite enough to meet this challenge. Perhaps the time has come to form a new union of states with similar worldviews – the alliance of democracies. We have funds. Now we need will, ”said Pompeo.

Asked if the United States could enlist any Russian support in countering China, the US Secretary of State said: “I think there is such an opportunity.” According to him, “this opportunity stems from the natural relationship between China and Russia.”

“There are areas in which we need to work together with Russia,” Pompeo said.

“I think tomorrow our specialists will work with the Russians as part of a strategic dialogue,” the US Secretary of State said. Thus, according to him, the United States “has hope for the development of a new generation of agreements” in the field of arms control. “This is in line with our interests and the interests of Russia,” says Pompeo.

“We asked the Chinese side to join. But they refuse so far. We hope that they will change their minds, ”added the head of the State Department.

“With regard to issues in the field of non-proliferation, serious strategic challenges, if we interact with Russia, I am convinced that we can make the world safer,” the US Secretary of State expressed confidence.

Earlier, Pentagon chief Mark Esper said that China’s desire to “change the world in its favor” worries Washington. He called for strengthening NATO to “contain” Russia and China, clarifying that “Russia is a slightly less difficult task than China.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the United States is trying to change NATO’s course towards confronting China.

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