10 months ago

The United States made a proposal to Russia for the delivery of astronauts

10 months ago

The United States invited Russian astronauts to fly to the ISS on the ships of Ilon Mask. These plans became known from the statement of the representative of NASA Stephanie Schirholz.
According to her, Moscow has already received an offer to send astronauts to the ISS on the ships of Ilon Mask. She spoke about this in an interview with Forbes.

It is noted that the profitability of the Russian “Unions” will decrease, because the Americans will no longer pay for flights on them.

NASA does not exclude that the manned launch of the Soyuz spacecraft in October this year with astronaut Kate Rubins could be the last NASA launch from Baikonur.
In the future, the United States will offer Roscosmos joint flights: both on Boeing Starliner and Crew Dragon.

“NASA believes that in 2020/2021, the possibility of launching manned missions by private companies in the United States will be available, and that there will be no need to further purchase seats on Soyuz,” said Schirholz. It is reported by Rambler.

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