“The United States recognized the failure of the F-35 in the air”: I talk about the problems of the American aircraft industry

The latest 5th generation fighter F-35 brought continuous problems to the United States and became the failure of the United States in the air. Moreover, these statements were voiced by the United States. This fighter cannot be operated. Today I will explain why so.
To begin with, it is worth noting the constant technical failures faced by pilots. And there are dozens of such failures, if you read a couple of interviews of experienced American pilots who openly talk about the problems of the American aircraft industry.

So, for example, pilots should not fly at maximum speed, otherwise the surface of the aircraft along with the glider could be damaged. According to other versions, the wings of the F-35 simply get off the fighter body when it reaches near maximum speed.

In addition, pilots are constantly tormented by headaches due to constant surges in pressure.

Landing this plane is rather problematic due to violations in the displays on the helmets of pilots.

Moreover, these are only small problems that the US military openly speaks about, without fear of any sanctions against themselves. It’s scary to think about what really serious problems this fighter revealed, which are forbidden to talk about.

And if earlier the pilots themselves talked about these problems, now the US armed forces recognized the F-35’s failure in the air, not at all embarrassed by the fact of spending billions of dollars on development.

With all this, they still manage to sell these aircraft to other countries.

And what do you command them to do? Repairing and improving 5th generation fighters is not such an easy task, especially if these fighters are foreign.

I can’t understand how such an aircraft passed tests and got into mass production? It’s not clear, perhaps, for the States there is still a kind of “arms race” in which they want to defeat Russia? But they just didn’t take into account that we had already left this game.

And the United States, actively participating in a one-sided “race”, actually recognized the F-35’s failure in the air, “exposing” the problems of the American aircraft industry.