The United States sent aircraft carriers to the area of ​​military exercises in China

The United States sent two aircraft carrier strike groups led by aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan and Nimitz to the South China Sea, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It is noted that now in this area are conducting exercises the naval forces of China. As the Rear Admiral, the commander of the strike group, George Wickoff, led by the destroyer Ronald Reagan, explained in a conversation with the publication, the goal is to show a “clear signal” to US partners and allies that they are committed to regional security and stability.

At the same time, Wikoff did not specify where exactly the aircraft carriers would operate in the South China Sea, and indicated that American exercises were not an answer to the Chinese. At the same time, he added that Beijing’s growing “military confidence” justifies the US naval presence.

Earlier, the US military suspected that China was using the coronavirus pandemic as a cover to step up its territorial claims in the South China Sea. According to them, since the spread of a new infection in the world in the region, there has been a surge in activity of the Chinese fleet. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that China should not be allowed to treat the waters of the South China Sea as part of its empire.