The United States took the lead in the spread of coronavirus

11 months ago

Two days earlier, Brazil was ahead of the rate of daily increase in incidence.

The USA, Brazil, the Russian Federation, India and the UK are ahead of the rest of the countries in the total number of cases detected. Such data on Friday, June 19, published the platform Worldometers.

Over the past day, coronavirus disease was detected in 140 528 people in the world compared to 141 872 in the previous day.

At the same time, the number of deaths from coronavirus per day decreased from 5264 to 5123, recovered – from 108 580 to 96 843. In total, during the pandemic, 8 570 384 infected were detected in the world.

Of these, 455 575 people died, 4 509 468 – recovered. The USA again came out on top in the total number of cases and in the daily dynamics.

Here, over the past day, 27,924 new patients with coronavirus were identified, their total number reached 2,263,651. 747 people died during the day, in total during the pandemic period – 120,698. 10,942 recovered over the day, totaling 930,994.

Brazil is in second place with a daily increase of 23,050 cases, up to 983,359. Over the past day, the number of deaths increased by 1204, to 47,869, the number of recovered reached 503 507.

In Russia, the daily increase by 7790, up to 561 091 cases, the number of deaths increased by 182, to 7660, recovered – by 9621, to 313 963.

In India, the daily increase at the level of 13,827, up to 381,091, the number of deaths – at 342, up to 12,604, recovered – at 10,744, up to 205,182. In the UK, the number of people infected with coronavirus increased over the past day by 1218, to 300,469, the number deaths – by 135, up to 42,288; information about the survivors is missing.

As previously reported, the number of coronavirus infected in the world has reached 8.112 million people. Brazil became the leader in the rate of infection, followed by the United States, India and the Russian Federation.

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