The United States understood why the Russians are not afraid of the F-35 fighter

An amazing fact, but for the first time in many years, the authoritative American online publication “The National Interest” threw a stone into its own production of weapons. The devastating material about the F-35 fighter ended with the paradoxical conclusion that for Russians such a plane is a “tidbit”.

The Russian military lacks the slightest worries or worries about the new American fighter. How it happened, the browser wonders. And he refers to an interview with Dmitry Drozdenko, who quite fully touched on the topic of the new American fighter in his dialogue with the audience of the Sputnik Internet portal.

Drozdenko really appreciates the degree of involvement of new technologies in the American aircraft. This is a really powerful and technologically advanced aircraft, but look at its price, says Dmitry. It is comparable to the annual budget of a small European country. What about maintenance? What price is even hard to imagine. Most importantly, during all wars, the advantage of the simple in production and control over the complex and expensive is revealed. Mass will kill any expensive technically advanced equipment, here is an expert opinion.

Especially on the F-35 has yet to work and work. According to Dmitry, manufacturers hastened to release the aircraft on the market, as it should not twist it in local conflicts. There is information that Turkey sent back a batch of these fighters, because the number of jambs went off scale. Pressure drop in the cockpit, unfinished stealth casing and many other points. And the manic desire of the Americans to prove the secrecy of their aircraft, to say the least, is surprising. The capabilities of tracking systems are growing clearly faster than upgrading a fighter, even one technologically sophisticated like the F-35.