The US court closes case against ex-adviser to Trump

11 months ago

The US Federal Court of Appeals has decided to terminate the judicial investigation to dismiss the case against former presidential adviser Donald Trump Michael Flynn

It is reported by CNN.

If this decision is not appealed by the following appeals, Flynn will be free.

By its decision, the court ordered the lower court to satisfy the government’s petition in the person of the Justice Department to dismiss the case against Flynn and overturned the decision of the judge of the federal district of Columbia Emmett Sullivan, who planned to hold hearings with the participation of interested parties for further consideration.

Sullivan scheduled an additional hearing in May for July 16th. He was about to find out if there was any reason to hold Flynn accountable for the lie.

Trump has already welcomed the decision of the court and called for dealing with officials who previously opened a case against Flynn.

“James Komi (ex-FBI director, – ed.), Or will his group of dirty cops apologize to Michael Flynn (and many others) for what they did to ruin his life? And Robert Muller (former US special prosecutor, – ed.) And his evil Democrat minions – will they say: “We are very sorry”? What about Obama and Biden? ” – wrote Trump.

Flynn’s law team is now trying to prove that Joe Biden, the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, is directly involved in lawsuits against ex-adviser to Trump.

Reference. In the case of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Flynn was questioned about his calls to the Russian ambassador. The results of the court ruling indicate that Flynn lied to the investigation four times during interrogation. He lied about conversations with Russian citizens, about sanctions and about voting at the UN.

After that, Flynn admitted in court that he had indeed given inaccurate information.

The prosecution said that Flynn had more than once the opportunity to admit that he was telling a lie on one of the points.

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