The US experienced a powerful battle laser: “This is a rethinking of war”

12 months ago

The command of the US Pacific Fleet reported that as early as May 16, powerful laser weapons were successfully tested in the Pacific Ocean to destroy drones.

The laser system was placed on board the landing ship USS Portland. It was a Solid State Laser Weapons System Demonstrator. The published video shows how the installation on the bow of a warship emits a bright beam along the surface of the sea. Then in the frames showed a flaming drone.

The War Zone portal notes that such a laser system will primarily provide ships with an additional line of defense against unmanned aerial vehicles and small swarms of boats. The laser can also act as a dazzler of optical sensors and finders. The complete system can use its own integrated full-motion video cameras, which are used to track targets and aim weapons, as well as to conduct surveillance.

“With this new advanced capability, we are rethinking the war at sea for the fleet,” said Portland Sanders captain. “This successful test is certainly an exciting step forward for the fleet’s targeted energy ambitions,” he added.

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