The US has started huge problems with public debt

12 months ago

Foreign investors in March got rid of US government bonds for $ 256 billion. Securities were sold by both private investors and central banks around the world, according to statistics from the US Treasury.

The sales level turned out to be unspectacular and unexpected, since in the past crises, for example, in 2008, securities, on the contrary, were in demand. To cope with the problem of public debt and the rapid growth of budget deficits, the Federal Reserve System (FRS) began to buy bonds on a large scale.

Saudi Arabia sold bonds for $ 25.3 billion, Brazil for 21.5 billion, and India for 21 billion.

Russia has also radically reduced its remaining investment — more than from $ 10 billion to $ 3.85 billion. We had to go for the same reasons in order to maintain the ruble exchange rate. Since the beginning of March, the regulator has sold $ 6.6 billion on the Moscow Exchange. First, for the sake of the currency, the Central Bank was selling short-term American bonds.

Of the large creditors of the United States, investments increased only a little, including Japan, Switzerland, France, the Philippines, and Australia. China, the leader in terms of the amount of the US government debt, has significantly reduced its volume.

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