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The US imposes sanctions on Syrian officials, including Assad

The US imposes sanctions on Syrian officials, including Assad

Sanctions imposed under the law on the protection of civilians in Syria.

The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on 39 businesses and individuals, including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma. The sanctions are designed to block the sources of income of the Syrian government in order to involve him in negotiations through UN mediation.

Sanctions were imposed under the so-called Caesar’s Law on the Protection of Civilians in Syria, which was signed by President Donald Trump last December.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, announcing this decision, noted that in the coming weeks and months the US plans to impose further sanctions on the Assad government and will not stop pressure, “until Assad and his regime stop the senseless and brutal war against the Syrian people and agree to a political settlement of the conflict. “

According to the Secretary of State, people on the sanctions list play a key role in preventing a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict or are participating in financing the regime.

“We will conduct our campaign of economic and political pressure in full cooperation with other like-minded countries, especially with our European partners, who only three weeks ago renewed their own sanctions against the Assad regime for the same reasons,” Pompeo added.

“Everyone who deals with Assad’s regime, regardless of where they are in the world, may be subject to visa and financial sanctions,” the Secretary of State emphasized.

Meanwhile, a French court on Wednesday found the uncle of Syrian leader Rifat Assad guilty of financial fraud and embezzlement of public funds, sentencing him to four years in prison. The court also decided to confiscate his property in France and possessions in London in the amount of 29 million euros.

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