The US prepares for post-election coup

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton jointly presented to the American audience a suitable explanation for the possible defeat of the Democratic candidate in the upcoming US presidential election. Probably, if Donald Trump wins the election, it will be used as a pretext for either impeachment, or (more likely) for refusing to recognize the election results and organize a forceful seizure of power. Joe Biden – referring to the data of the American special services – said that “the Russians are trying to deprive our electoral process of legitimacy.”

However, we are not the only ones who are accused of crimes that will allegedly be committed against American democracy. Joe Biden, again referring to the information he receives from the American intelligence services, clarified that “China and others are also involved in actions aimed at making us lose confidence in the results.

It is worth noting that this stuffing can be done not only and not so much in case of Trump’s victory, but also in preparation for a massive and unprecedented falsification of elections in favor of Biden himself. If Trump does not recognize the official results, and his team catches the counterfeiters by the hand, points out ballot stuffing and massive falsification of votes cast by mail, then Biden’s headquarters will have a ready answer to all accusations. This response will be that all proven falsifications are just provocations made by the “Russians” (as well as China and some “other” forces) aimed at discrediting the election results in order to bring about a civil war in the United States or keeping the incumbent in power.

This is quite humiliating for a country that considers itself the world hegemon, but it is very likely that the election result will be determined either literally on the battlefield, or as part of an administrative struggle for control of the US federal postal service. The fact is that under the pretext of an epidemic, Biden’s headquarters demands that elections be held, by and large, “in a remote format”, that is, using mail voting, and Trump claims that it is the mail voting that will be used to falsify the results.

It may sound incredible, but now, even at the level of official statements from candidates and expert analysts in media such as the Associated Press, the question of who will control the mail on election day and whether Trump can deprive the postal service of budgetary funding to disrupt “remote voting “is discussed as almost a key pre-election topic. And the Democratic candidate says bluntly that the possibility of a mail-order disruption robs him of sleep. It can be assumed that if the White House really succeeds in disrupting the massive use (or stuffing) of “mail bulletins”, then the mysterious “Russians”, which Biden allegedly read about in the CIA or FBI reports, will again be to blame for this.
A natural question may arise: where does the ex-vice president of the United States have access to the top-secret data of the American special services? Washington’s classified information distribution system envisions a rather bizarre scheme in which candidates from both systemic parties begin to receive this kind of briefings ahead of the election. The problem is that, from a formal point of view, Biden (and this is noted by the American media) is not yet an official candidate from the Democratic Party, so if the special services really leak some information to him, then it is quite possible that he receives these materials in violation of the law. … However, against the background of general chaos and violation of all possible norms of decency in American political life, this is unlikely to worry anyone. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see the official reaction of the CIA and the FBI, which will inevitably face the need to explain themselves to the press and the public, not to mention Trump’s campaign headquarters. And it will be doubly interesting to see what happens if the American intelligence community announces (under pressure from the White House) that Biden is simply lying. This is, of course, an unlikely, but possible scenario.