The US sent two aircraft carriers to “contain” China’s claims to the South China Sea

This is the strategic waterway on which Beijing encroaches.

The United States sent two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea in close proximity to the Chinese military exercises. It is reported by The New York Times.

The deployment of an American aircraft carrier is often used as a signal to deter opponents, and two aircraft carriers at the same time as a significant manifestation of strength.

As stated in the US Navy, aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan and Nimitz deployed “in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific region.” Accompanied by warships and aircraft, they conduct exercises to improve long-range air defense and missile strikes in a “rapidly developing combat zone.”

Officially, US Navy officials said it was more a “routine operation” than a deliberate demonstration of force. On condition of anonymity, reporters managed to learn from informed sources that this was a pre-planned mission, so that shipping lanes and navigation remained open in international waters.

Beijing claims to claim most of the South China Sea, a strategic waterway through which a third of the world’s shipping system passes. Now the Chinese authorities have closed part of the water area for several days for military exercises.

The deployment of US aircraft carriers in Beijing is called “provocative behavior that seriously violates international laws and regulations, as well as China’s sovereign security interests.”

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