The US state decided to change the flag because of the “racist” symbols of the Confederation

In the US state of Mississippi, they are ready to change the flag because of the “racist” symbols of the Confederation. This statement was made by the Governor of the State of Tate Reeves.

Reeves said he was ready to sign a bill to replace the flag this weekend. He tweeted:

“Lawmakers have been unable to break the deadlock for several days when discussing a new flag for the state. The discussion of the 1894 flag was as controversial as the flag itself, and it was time to put an end to it. ”

EADaily adds that the state symbol of the US state of Mississippi is the Confederate Army’s military banner: the red square on which is the blue Andreev’s cross, which contains 13 white stars symbolizing the thirteen colonies that formed the United States.

The symbolism of the Confederation among Americans is often associated with racism, slavery, segregation and separatism. So, in 2011, a Pew research center conducted a survey according to which 75% of South African Americans said that the flag symbolizes racism. In 2015, in the city of Charleston, a 21-year-old American Dylan Ruf shot and killed 9 members of the African Episcopal Church Emanuel. Later it turned out that before the attack, Rufus posed with the flag of the Confederation.