The US urges China to reconsider refusal to negotiate nuclear weapons

11 months ago

The United States is calling on the PRC to reconsider the decision not to participate in trilateral strategic stability talks with the Russian Federation, said special envoy of US President for arms control Marshall Billingsley.
China does not intend to participate in trilateral talks with the United States and Russia on nuclear weapons, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Tuesday.

“China has just stated that it does not intend to participate in trilateral negotiations. It must reconsider it. To achieve the status of a great power, you need to behave with the responsibility of a great power. Enough of the great wall of secrecy with building nuclear forces. In Vienna, China is waiting for a place at the negotiating table “Billingsley tweeted.
Russian-American talks are scheduled for June 22 in Vienna.
Earlier, the United States announced that they were thinking about extending strategic offensive arms START-3 with Russia, which expires in 2021, but are proposing to expand it to a wide range of new weapons that are not part of the current strategic offensive arms-3, and also offer to include the PRC in the treaty. China said it was not interested in such negotiations.

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