The USA imposed new duties on aluminum imported from Germany

The US Secretary of Commerce announced new tariffs for 18 countries. He called this step a response to actions that the United States perceives as dumping in the American market.

The United States announced new duties on aluminum sheets imported from Germany and 17 other countries in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, speaking on Fox Business on Friday, October 9, said the new regime would take effect immediately.

Ross called the move a response to what the US perceives as dumping in the US market. According to him, “the scheme is complicated, but the cumulative effect is that there is a high level of dumping in the United States, and we are trying to reduce it.”

Maximum duties for Germany and Brazil

According to AFP, duties on aluminum from Germany are the maximum (around 353 percent), followed by Brazil (137 percent). In 2019, the volume of supplies from these two countries amounted to $ 287 million and $ 97 million, respectively (243 million euros and 82 million euros). Russia is not among the countries for which the duties on the import of aluminum foil have been increased.

As explained by Ross, the decision was made on a preliminary basis. The Commerce Department may cancel it at the end of February 2021, in addition, it will be studied by the US Federal International Trade Commission. Finally, the United States should decide on the possibility of maintaining these tariffs by April 5 next year.

Prior to that, in February of this year, Washington expanded penalties on the import of steel and aluminum from other countries.