The USA sent the ships of the coast guard to the South China Sea

The United States sent to the water area of the South China Sea the ships of the coast guard for ensuring lawful activity in the sphere of fishery of the countries – allies of Washington. The commander of the Coast guard of the Pacific command of the USA Vice Admiral Linda Fagan reported about it on Tuesday to journalists.
The high-speed patrol boats Bertholf and Stratton were sent to the Southern Chinese sea for ensuring lawful activity and also realization of potential in the sphere of observance of the right in the field of fishery of the states which are allies of the USA”, – the vice admiral noted. She reminded that “the ships return here seven years later again”. According to her, the Southern Chinese sea is “the recognized international channel for navigation therefore the American ships have full authority is in the water area”.
The Minister of Defence of China Wei Fenghe, speaking in Singapore at the international conference on safety issues in the Pacific Rim “Shangri-la dialogue”, accused Washington of escalation of tension in the Southern China Sea. According to him, some states which have not a direct bearing on the region “deliberately play muscles here, directing aircraft carriers and the fighting ships”.
Conducts territorial disputes in the South China Sea of the People’s Republic of China with a number of the states – Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines – concerning ownership of the Paracel Islands (Sisha) and the archipelago of Spratly (Nansha). Attempts of Beijing to establish control including at the expense of a military component, behind the area near the Strait of Malacca through which there pass about 60% of the Chinese trade and up to 80% of the Chinese import of hydrocarbons are the main reason for the conflict.