The USA wanted to improve relations with Russia

The development of relations with Russia has turned into a “very politicized” process in the United States, “but Washington is confident in the need to establish a dialogue with Moscow. This was stated by US First Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Beegan during a speech at an Internet seminar, which was held at the initiative of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Bigan noted that the position of US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo provides for the formation of a dialogue with Russia and the top officials running the country. He added that the representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties alike want to improve relations with Moscow. “I believe that there is a certain aspiration in the United States, and it is not limited to only one or the other side of the political spectrum, both parties have it, this is the desire to find ways to move forward, explore areas of cooperation between the United States and Russia,” he said.

On November 7, Democrat Joe Biden, who received 290 electoral votes in the US presidential election against the required 270 and thereby secured his victory, proclaimed himself the elected head of state.

This election outcome did not suit his predecessor, the incumbent head of the White House, Donald Trump. He said he hopes to regain his leading position in several states through the courts. In his opinion, Biden was in a hurry to call himself the new leader of the country, since the elections were not over yet. At Trump’s headquarters, reporters were told that they plan to hold a series of rallies with supporters of the American leader.