The USA wants to destroy “Nord Stream – 2” by five new sanctions

The new bill designed to prevent the realization of “Nord Stream-2” was developed by members of the Senate in the USA. Today, on June 1, the document which was prepared in May was published.

Its essence lies in the fact that US President Donald Trump will be able to impose at least five types of sanctions against persons who participate in the construction of the pipeline. Especially these innovations will affect insurance service providers.

The USA wants to destroy "Nord Stream – 2" by five new sanctions

Sanctions can be implemented both in relation to legal entities and individuals. The main types of sanctions proposed by the senators: • a ban on the issuance of export licenses by regulators of the USA; • a ban on the ability to take the credit within 12 months • a ban on payment of goods and services in the zone controlled by the United States • a ban on transactions for the sale/purchase of the real estate in the USA The persons who are living on the territory of America and fallen under sanctions can be deported from the USA. The Russian President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov noted that similar tactics of Washington concerning gas fuel in relation to Europe reminds him “the Wild West”. According to him, “Nord Stream – 2” is the large-scale international project deprived of the political background.

“Nord Stream – 2” is being built to maintain the energy security of Europe,, but such situation is not favorable to the USA, because they will not be able to impose their expensive LNG then. Anyway, Russia intends to complete the construction even by its own means.