The USA will refuse to China claims in the territory of the South China Sea

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Washington will refuse to Beijing claims in the territory of the South China Sea. His words are quoted by CNN.

He noted that the United States wants to maintain peace and stability in the region, in connection with which it is trying to resist attempts to “use coercion or force to resolve disputes.” “The world will not allow Beijing to use the South China Sea to build a maritime empire. America stands next to its partners from Southeast Asia, ”said Pompeo. He added that instead of maintaining peace, China is trying to “intimidate” other countries.

Representatives of the Chinese Embassy in the United States emphasized that such allegations are unjustified. According to them, Washington is “trying to sow discord” between the countries of the region, and China itself is only defending its interests and maritime rights.

On July 4, the US sent two aircraft carrier strike groups led by aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan and Nimitz to the South China Sea to conduct naval exercises. It was then noted that their goal was to give a “clear signal” to Washington’s partners and allies that they were committed to regional security and stability.

The US military suspected that China was using the coronavirus pandemic as a cover to step up its territorial claims in the South China Sea. According to them, since the spread of a new infection in the world in the region, there has been a surge in activity of the Chinese fleet. Pompeo claimed that Beijing should not be allowed to treat the waters of the South China Sea “as part of its empire.”