The vaccine will not appear until December

Experts warn that you should not wait for the coronavirus vaccine before December.

This week, Pfizer published unexpectedly positive data on the coronavirus vaccine tests. The pharmaceutical giant is going to apply for regulatory approval by the end of the month, but experts say it will take another few weeks to get approval for the drug.

Experts note that Americans should not hope for any FDA approval before the second half of December. Dr. Larry Corey of Washington University and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, who heads the Coronavirus Vaccine Testing Network in the United States, told CNN it would take the agency at least 10 days to review data from Pfizer clinical trials. The agency also needs to analyze Pfizer production data to ensure that the equipment used to produce the vaccine meets the standards.

“I am not sure how long this check will take, but it may take two weeks. I think it makes sense,” Corey said.

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