The value of bitcoin in a day fell heavily!

4 months ago

Cryptocurrency owners in a panic: Bitcoin has seen a serious drop on the exchange.

As of January 4, the bitcoin exchange rate fell to $28.1. Only the day before its value was kept almost at $33.8, reported on the stock exchange Coindesk.

Thus, the rate of the cryptocurrency decreased by 20% per day.

In general, the rate has been steadily growing since January 2, reaching its maximum. Financiers note that the growth was due to the high demand for the currency from large buyers. Investors who buy bitcoins in large volumes, expect the cryptocurrency to become the main means of payment.

And while previously bitcoin was not as attractive to big investors due to the fact that it was being taken to the shadow market, after the oversight of cryptocurrency, its value and reliability has increased significantly in the eyes of serious businessmen.

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