‘The Voice’ Fans Are in Dismay Over How Blake Shelton Destroyed Gwen Stefani’s Close Emotional Moment

The Voice coach Blake Shelton can accidentally set off a scene. The TV personality is a long-time entertainer and loves to make a scene on set. However, he made a rookie mistake during an audition.

10055.a.41429282[src After just a few seconds, Blake (and his wife ) hit their red buttons to find the person behind the voice. Gwen attempted to convince Cara with a heartfelt message after the pair went back and forth about which team she should join.

“Your lane is something I love. I was born in 1970. “I listened to many singer-songwriters,” she stated on the program. I love storytelling. It’s so easy to put your heart into a song, be able to relate and let the voice take you there.

Gwen said, “I don’t believe it matters about genre as much about heart, which is why musical is the vessel for that.” “I would love to collaborate with you.”

Cara was wrapping up when Blake accidentally set off an alarm. The realization that Blake had accidentally ruined an audition moment was enough to make the room burst into laughter.

Gwen laughed as John told Gwen, “It is nap time for Grandpa Blake.” 10055.a.41429282[src She’s not lying, she set the alarm for me on my smartphone.

The country star appeared to apologize for the interruption but Voice viewers watching at home didn’t quickly forget about it. Many people took to YouTube’s comments section to voice their opinions.

“When Blake’s phone is rigged, that’s the funniest moment grandpa Blake. I love [you],” wrote. “Blake’s reaction to the alarm and his response,” another person added.

Although Blake’s error was unlikely to cost him a competitor, Cara eventually joined Team Gwen. She also knows she has a supporter in the veteran coach.

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