‘The Voice’: John Legend says he was tired of losing to Camila

During Monday’s third round of blind auditions, Andrew Igbokidi, a 22-year-old medical student won the competition’s new coach. e

Cabello jumped straight to the point, telling Igbokidi that she wanted the Nigerian American singer in her team “badly.”

Cabello said to Igbokidi, “I feel vulnerable right at the moment because I truly believe in you.” “I feel like you could have me help polish your performances. I’ve been to a singing competition before and it can be stressful.

Shelton of Cabello said, “You can’t beat them,” afterward. “John was able talk to (Igbokidi), about artists and music, and the next thing you know, Camila is his pick.”

This is what happened during Monday’s episode.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are a married couple

Shelton was attracted to the couple by their love for country music and close-knit work relationship.

Shelton joked, “I can tell you from experience: There is no better way to do a duet than if it’s doing it.”

Stefani made the case for herself and encouraged The Dryes not to be limited by the box.

Stefani stated, “I have collaborated with many different musicians.” It doesn’t matter what genre you are in. We’re trying to figure how we can connect you to America, at the end of it all.

Shelton was chosen by the duo as their coach.

John Legend and Camila Cabello trade playful barbs in an attempt to win over a singer

Both coaches were determined to capture the 18-year old singer. They traded playful barbs while pitching themselves to Thuresson.

“It’s Camila’s first season. Legend stated that she is still learning. But do you really want someone who is just learning? She just graduated from high school, I believe.

Cabello, however, was quick to remind everyone about her coaching skills and use her experience as a contestant on “The X Factor”, to her advantage.

Thuresson was told by Cabello that he wanted someone who has been on singing competitions before. Cabello said, “I did the auditions. I also did the live shows.” This is what I have been doing for a while.

Legend lost to Cabello in the end. Thuresson joined Team Camila.

Legend said that Camila Cabello had been a tough competitor for everyone, including me.

John Legend defeats Camila Cabello to capture Morgan Taylor, a four-chair singer

Stefani said to Taylor, “I see someone that was born for what you’re doing.” It’s almost like you finally have a stage and America can now see you belt out the gift God gave to you.

Legend was astonished at the vocal prowess of the 20-year old.

Legend stated, “That song is so daunting to take on, but you have such an amazing soprano voice,” The higher part was captivating. It sounded just like it should have been on the radio.

Taylor joined Team Legend because it turns out that flattery can get one anywhere.

Legend, his ex-celebrity adviser, said that he was tired of losing out to Camila. “She was part of my team. She learned everything I know from me.”

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