‘The Voice’: What’s Your Opinion Towards Camila Cabello as a Coach?

The Voice is back for the 22nd season of NBC and The singing competition has welcomed an additional coach to the panel.

Camila Cabello was the first to make her major debut, joining the returning favourites Gwen Stefani, John Legend along with Blake Shelton. A veteran of The Voice, Cabello served as a Battle Advisor in Season 21 and assisted John Legend in his fight to win any of the other contestants.

In the present, Cabello is working in direct opposition to her former ally and is trying to convince performers to join her band this season. It was a great debut in the show’s premiere when the first artist to audition, Morgan Myles couldn’t help from being wooed by Cabello.The 35-year-old singer from Nashville impressed with her song called “Hallelujah” that warranted a four-chair spin. Believing that Stefani might be used as a rival in her attempts to win Morgan as her own, Cabello made her debut Block blocking her fellow coach from securing the singer to her own team.

After her impressive beginning, Legend warned that the coaches must be wary of Cabello in a joke that she might be a problem in their own attempts to find competitors. Shelton is as confident as ever. Shelton isn’t apprehensive about the new coach and is promoting a huge match against Cabello.

Shelton does not mince words after Cabello was able to capture her second teammate 26, Orlando Mendez from Miami, Florida. Despite his Cuban origins, Orlando’s love for country music allowed him to play on the court of both Cabello and Shelton’s court. In the end, the rival’s hometown devotion was the winner as the two felt more connected to Cabello who was also born from Miami.As the two-hour show ended the final performer was noticed by Cabello: Kate Kalvach. The 27-year old from Oklahoma City opted to sing Kacey Musgraves’ “Rainbow,” winning over Shelton and Stefani and Stefani. If Cabello would like to perform to herself, she’ll need use her strongest abilities of persuasion to win over her coaches. If the debut episode does anything that she’s capable of the challenge.

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