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The way to break the Internet on the iPhone has been revealed

The way to break the Internet on the iPhone has been revealed

When connecting to Wi-Fi network with a special name on the Apple smartphone can stop working Internet. Engineer Carl Schou told about it in his Twitter.

Schou said that if you create a Wi-Fi network and give it a name consisting of % signs and certain text characters, then the iPhone will not be able to connect to such a network. What’s more, when you try to create a connection, the ability to select Wi-Fi networks will stop working on the device. In this case, the owner of the device will only be able to use cellular networks.

The hacker also noticed that after renaming the network SSID (Service Set Identifier) the phone still won’t connect to it. The popular way to fix such failures on Apple smartphones – rebooting – does not help. Later it turned out that the problem can be solved by resetting the network settings of the device.

Users who wrote in the comments under Carl Shue’s post suggested that the failure was due to an unusual network SSID. It is believed that the “%” sign leads to a problem with parsing the input data, when iOS misinterprets this character as a special specifier.

At the end of 2020, iPhone 12 users complained about problems with cellular connectivity. In many cases, the devices can fail to transmit data via 4G and 5G standards, and the network disappears suddenly.

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