The White House announced US readiness to withdraw from START-3

11 months ago

The US is ready to withdraw from the Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms (START-3), sources in the US administration said.

“We are absolutely ready to leave. But I would mitigate this by saying that in fact all options are being considered, ”a Washington Post source said.

The US insists on including China in the treaty. US Presidential Envoy for Arms Control Marshall Billingsley told the Washington Post that he “disagrees” with the idea of ​​“allowing” China to “achieve strategic nuclear parity with the United States and Russia,” because “this would mean that we are actually in full swing tripartite arms race “

However, it is unclear how the US plans to persuade China to agree to start negotiations, the newspaper writes.

The Washington Post does not rule out the start of a pressure campaign to encourage Beijing to negotiate. Washington’s claim that China has tested low-power nuclear weapons may serve as its beginning. The source of the publication believes that China will not like it, “when all this is broadcast publicly.” US “mobilizes global public opinion against” China. Washington is discussing “many other options to encourage China’s participation” in the treaty, the source said.

Billingsley said that China “should reconsider” the refusal to “participate in tripartite negotiations.” According to him, “in order to achieve the status of a great power, it is necessary to behave with the responsibility of a great power,” RIA Novosti reports.

“Enough of the great wall of secrecy with building nuclear forces. In Vienna, China is waiting for a place at the negotiating table, ”Billingsley said on Twitter.

Recall, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and US President’s Special Representative Marshal Billingsley agreed to resume negotiations on the Strategic Arms Treaty Treaty in June. The media reported that the meeting will be held in Vienna on June 22.

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