The White House clarified the position of trump in Venezuela

10 months ago

US President Donald Trump continues to recognize the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s president, White House spokeswoman Kaylee Mackinani told reporters on Monday.
Earlier, trump said that he did not like the idea of ​​recognizing Guaido as president, adding that he could “live without it,” but agreed, since he had no objections. In addition, he said that he “could have thought of a meeting” with Venezuelan leaders Nicolas Maduro, but now rejected such proposals, adding later that the topic of the meeting could only be Maduro’s “peaceful departure”.

“Nothing has changed. He continues to recognize Juan Guaido as the leader of Venezuela,” Makinani said.

In Venezuela, in early 2019, mass protests began against President Nicolas Maduro shortly after being sworn in. Juan Guaido, head of the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition, proclaimed himself the interim head of state. A number of Western countries led by the United States announced the recognition of Guaido. In turn, Maduro called the head of parliament a US puppet. Russia, China, Turkey and several other countries supported Maduro as a legitimate president.

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